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Made on Gabe 



All of our artists live and create on this little gulf island named Gabriola. We are a short ferry ride from Vancouver Island which is longer ferry ride off the west coast of British Columbia , Canada.  The residents here often refer to the island as “GABE” hence the name of our site is “Made on Gabe”. 

Artworks on this website are from a small collection of artists that have been living and creating art on Gabriola Island, for, between 2 and 25 years. 

What  We Do

Each artist brings their own VERY unique style - from gloriously layered acrylics , soft stunning water colours , dramatic mixed media to strikingly realistic art pieces made from wood, resin or felted wool .


What our customers are saying

“Made on Gabe has great works , I love the diversity “

Carol B , Vancouver, BC

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